Parents Page

UpdatedThursday February 13, 2020 byJeff Godfrey.

For more than 50 years, Wenatchee Youth Baseball has been a grassroots, volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing a positive, quality youth baseball program for the children of Wenatchee. Please understand this is YOUR league and YOUR team. When you hear people say "they will take care of it", "they" is "you". As parents we need to accept this fact and take the initiative to make Wenatchee Youth Baseball successful. Parents who shirk this responsibility cannot in turn expect others to assume the burden. The following are some little things we can all do to improve our program.


  • Pick-up garbage and put it in the trash barrels. Please pick-up the dugout and bleacher areas after each game. We do not have a paid maintenance staff. Garbage in the park is the responsibility of everyone. If the barrels are full, empty them in the dumpsters provided.
  • Ball field prep. The coaches need to get their players warmed up before each game. Parents can help by preparing the fields for each game. The fields typically need to be watered, dragged, raked and lined before each game. Home plate and pitching areas may need special care such as tamping, raking, etc. If several parents work together, the field can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

If you would like to be a coach or an assistant please Click Here