Supplemental Rules for

Updated Wednesday April 10, 2019 by Justin Wright.

Rules for the Babe Ruth League, Inc., Cal Ripkin Division, will apply unless modified herein.  These Supplemental Rules are subject to annual

review by the Board of Directors, Wenatchee Youth Baseball


1. Major League players shall be 12 and 11 years old

2. League age shall be the player’s age as of  April 30

Number and Composition of Teams

1. The number of teams in the Major League shall be determined by the Board of Directors

2. Teams shall consist of eleven or twelve players, at the option of the head coach, unless the Board of Directors determines it is appropriate to change the roster size

3. Each team shall have a manager and up to two assistant coaches.  All coaching positions are subject to WYB board approval.

4. Major League players shall be selected by draft following tryouts

       a. All players must participate in the tryout

       b. No player who failed to participate in the Major League tryout may be drafted, unless specifically approved of in advance by the league representative

             i. The league representative will consider the reasons the player failed to participate in a tryout, if any

             ii. The league representative will also consider whether all coaches involved in the draft will be on equal footing in evaluating the player

5. A player who, due to unique circumstances, was unavailable for draft purposes, may be allowed to play on a major league team upon approval of the league representative 

       a. The league representative will consider the circumstances which caused the player be ineligible for the draft 

             i. Examples of unique circumstances include, but are not limited to, players new to the area and players who were out of the area for an extended period, including the period of registration and tryouts 

             ii. One goal of Wenatchee Youth Baseball is to allow players to compete at the level appropriate to their abilities 

       b. The league representative shall determine the likelihood that the player would have been selected by a major league coach, had the player been available for the draft

       c. If the league representative approves a player’s request to play in the major league, the league representative will appoint the player to a team

             i. If there is one team with fewer players than any other team, the player shall be appointed to that team

             ii. In the event teams are tied for the fewest players, the player shall be assigned to one such team by lot             

League Champion

1. Trophies shall be awarded to the top teams of the Major League for the regular season

2. Trophies or other appropriate recognition shall be awarded to the team winning the end of the season tournament           


1. The schedule shall be prepared by the Major League Representative and the League Registrar

2. Amendments shall be approved by the Major League Representative and reported to  the League Registrar

General Playing Rules

1. Each team will field nine players

       a. A team may play with eight players

       b. A team unable to field at least eight players for a scheduled game shall forfeit such game

(Note: upon the agreement of the coaches, a forfeited game will be played using the assigned field and umpires.  The outcome will be recorded as a win by forfeit, irregardless of the score of the game played.)

       c. There are no restrictions on substitutions at field positions, other than pitcher, except as set forth herein regarding player rotation

       d. All players shall be in the batting lineup regardless of whether they are playing in the field

2. Borrowed Players

       a. A team fielding eight players from its roster may borrow a player from the Minor League to reach nine eligible players

       b. The ability to borrow a player is conditioned upon the unanimous consent of the borrowed player, a parent of the player, and the coach of the player’s Minor team

       c. A team may not borrow the same player more than three times in a season

       d. A borrowed player may not pitch at any time

3. Replacement Players

       a. Teams having eleven or fewer players may use a replacement player from the Minor league to replace a player who is injured, has left the team, or is otherwise unavailable for an extended period

       b. The replacement of a roster player must be approved of in advance by the league representative

       c. A replacement player shall be considered as part of the team’s roster for all purposes

4.Player Rotation

       a. Each player shall play a minimum of three innings per game, unless the game is stopped by the umpire or the player is unable to play due to injury or other reason

       b. Any player not playing three innings due to shortness of the game will play at least the first three innings of the next game

       c. Player discipline is a valid reason to remove a player from a game or to otherwise deny the player the minimum three innings per game

5. Batters

       a. The batting line-up shall consist of all players available to play

       b. Once a game begins the batting lineup may change only upon the arrival or departure of an eligible player

       c. A player arriving after a game starts will be added to the bottom of the line-up

       d. Pinch hitters are not allowed

6. Base Running

       a. To avoid injury, head first slides are prohibited

             i. A player may dive head first in returning to a base

             ii. Violation of this rule shall result in the player being called out by the umpire

       b. To avoid injury, base runners must slide at all bases and home plate to avoid a collision when, in the judgment of the umpire, a play is being attempted on the runner by a member of the defensive team and there is a viable play on the base runner  

             i. The batter attempting to reach first base safely need not slide

             ii. A failure to slide when required shall result in the player being call out                   

       c. Obstruction shall be called when a member of the defensive team, not having possession of the ball, blocks the path to a base or home plate causing a base runner to run outside the base path or slide prematurely


7. Pitchers (Modifying Rule 0.06)

 Eleven and twelve year old pitchers are limited to a daily maximum of 75 pitches.   Pitchers are required to have a certain  number days of rest depending on the number of pitches thrown in a day.  

No curve balls

1-40 pitches: zero days rest

41-65 pitches: one day rest

66+ pitches: 2 days rest

             a. The calendar week is Monday through Sunday

             b. Each game in which a pitcher pitches constitutes a pitching assignment regardless of the number of pitches thrown

              c. Any game in which an ineligible pitcher has been used shall be declared forfeit.

d. Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, he or she may not return to the mound to pitch

e. Balks: Each pitcher will be given one balk warning per game.  After the first warning, baserunners will advance one base on a balk by the pitcher.

8. Catchers must wear the full catcher’s helmet which covers the ears

9. 10 Run Rule

The game shall be terminated upon becoming a regulation game if one team is ahead by ten or more runs and the teams have had an equal number of at bats or the home team is leading (3 ½ or 4 complete innings)


1. All games shall be played according to the rules previously addressed and in accordance with the Official Baseball Rules, Babe Ruth League – Cal Ripkin Division and supplemental rules approved by the Board of Directors, Wenatchee Youth Baseball 

2. “Gentlemen’s Agreements” and similar accommodations made prior to or during a game shall not be allowed, unless specifically approved in advance by the Board of Directors

3. The rules set forth above apply to players, fans, managers, and coaches alike

4. Violation of the rules set forth above shall be cause for dismissal, removal, and banishment from the baseball program and the ballpark

5. Player discipline

       a. In all instances in which a player is to be held out of all or part of a game based upon conduct occurring prior to the game, the action must be approved by the league representative

             i. The player and his or her parents must be notified of the action and its reasons prior to the game

             ii. The opposing team’s coach shall be notified of the action prior to the game and advised as to what innings, if any, the player will be eligible to play

       b. In all instances in which a player is to be held out of all or part of a game based upon conduct occurring during or immediately prior to the game, the league representative shall be notified at the earliest reasonable opportunity

             i. The player and his or her parents shall be notified of the reasons immediately following the game or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible

             ii. Upon such action, the opposing team’s coach shall be immediately notified and advised as to what innings, if any, the player will be eligible to play


Violations of the rules may result in penalties as determined by the league president and/or Board of Directors and may include suspension or removal of an offending coach and even forfeiture of effected games


February 09, 2011